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Established 2003

The Trivia Arena is a free service where any group can come challenge other groups in friendly team trivia.

As well as our graded trivia league we also have a Battle of the Sexes Series and an Inter-Continent Challenge.

Click here to register and join in on the action

Shootout Ladder

Points = from your last 3 matches
Daily = Bonus for playing today

Each day you do not play your total rank score will degrade to enable others to climb the ladder

Click here for score breakdown and extended ladder

Battle of the Sexes

battle of the sexes icon

Winning Teams - Season Two 2010

1st place trophy A Kewl Friends Trivia
B Kewl Friends Trivia
C Kewl Friends Trivia
D Kingas Trivia Group
2nd place trophy A Sink or Swim
B The Head Cases
C Open All Hours
D The Bayou Brains
3rd place trophy A Kings Quest Trivia
B Done Our Homework
C Hooked On Trivia
D Kewl Friends Trivia
4th place trophy A Mixed Medly Team
B --- --- ---
C Kingas Trivia Group
D KickAzz Trivia

Recent News

  • [2012/9/18] Battle of the Sexes Under...
    Its Back, Battle of the Sexes.Yes ladies the one you love giving the guys a good tail whipping with.
    Getting the spice back into Arena ,see you all next Sat/Sunday

    The match times are the same each week and will only change if you are affected by DST (day light saving)

    AEST: 8am Sunday (Sydney)
    EST: 6pm Saturday (New York)
    GMT: 10pm Saturday (London 11pm BST)

  • [2012/1/13] Battle of the Sexes Serie...
    The Battle of the Sexes Matches will run for a further 14 weeks completing the standard 21 matches. The matches will slowly appear on the calendar at the usual time each week

    Come on Guys we have a real shot at beating the Girls this time, we cant let them beat us again!

  • [2011/11/29] New Site Now Open
    The New site is now open, join us for our official launch party and battle of the sexes trivia match this Saturday

    Click Here to Register now to become a member and join in on the fun!

    This is a very fast server dedicated for our use only and has an ultra fast internet connection, check out the ping!

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